Courage lives inside all of us. For some, it may arise at moments of crisis and danger and for others it is a steadfast anchor that let’s us deal with our life and the lives of those around us.

When people of courage come together, it can open a path and change the balance of things. It can create miracles. It can be a presence in our minds, our hearts, in a patient’s room, at the research bench or beside an operating table.

Each and every one of us at UHN has courage within – patients, doctors, nurses, scientists, administrators and staff. It is connects us as human beings and fosters compassion, care and successful outcomes.

Courage. It is contagious. It lives in us. It lives here. And these are the stories that prove it.

Harold Chizick

A new lease on life

Munira Premji

Labels are for jars, not people

Siobhán Post

‘Not ready to go’ says mom with cancer

Eleanor Szakacs

Wish upon a Magic Castle

Lori Newton

Breast cancer gives nurse perspective

Aideen Carroll

Making dreams come true

Leah Smeaton

My mom, my hero

Humberto Laranjo

Hockey helps heal

Lori Proctor-Giovannetti

The travelling nurse


A mother's love

Tim Giblin

The courage to heal

Jay Esguerra

A patient's last wish

Kenneth Sniderman

Life saver


Choosing hope

Brian Kautz

Cancer survivor comforts patients

Kitty Cohen

A 99-year-old phenom

David Kearney

The courage to go first


An angel in scrubs

Anita Kaiser

A woman’s journey of recovery

Whitney Goulstone

Mother refuses to let epilepsy define her

Jill Anzarut

A woman's powerful determination

Taylor Binns

A sister's gift of sight

Sadie Stout

A mother's perseverance to save her unborn son

John Cooper

Anonymous Living Liver Donor